"My tattoo is really small. It should come out in a treatment or two. Right?"

When it comes to tattoo removal, size does not determine how many treatments a client will need. There have been cases where we have removed an entire sleeve before one small heart tattoo. The things that do play a roll in how many tattoo removal treatments you will need are, location of the tattoo. The closer the tattoo is to the heart, the better the circulation is. Therefore, will get better results. What type of ink was used is a very important one. Tattoo inks are not FDA approved. Some inks are made with ingredients that are easily removed, and some are made with ingredients that want to be resistant to removal. If your tattoo has been placed on with a heavy hand and is scarred, tattoo removal can also be a challenge here because the scar tissue can sometimes trap the ink. At New Beginnings Tattoo Removal, we will add additional lasers throughout your treatments to address these specific conditions. Things that help your tattoo removal process are; if you do not smoke cigarettes, if you exercise regularly, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy foods.