Laser Tattoo Removal

Each tattoo will be examined carefully, and given a specific removal plan. We have found that not all tattoos are equal when it comes to removal. Things that will determine how many treatments you may need are:

  • What kind of ink was used in the tattoo
  • If the tattoo has any scarring
  • Colors of ink used in the tattoo
  • Location of the tattoo on the body
  • If the tattoo was touched up or if the tattoo is a cover up

We provide a prescription strength numbing cream, (Benzocaine-Lidocaine-Tetracaine 20%/10%/8%) as well as extra pain relieving options during treatment for those who need it. We can also address tattoos that other places have had a hard time removing. 

Price Per Treatment:

  • Up to the size of a quarter: $50.00
  • Up to the size of a credit card: Starting at $100.00
  • Up to the size of a dollar bill: Starting at $175.00  

Tattoos bigger than the size of a dollar bill require a consultation for a price quote. Discounts available when removing multiple tattoos.

Q-Switched Laser facials

  • Reduce unwanted pigment
  • Reduce pore size
  • Reduce acne

Several treatments spaced one week apart are recommended to achieve desired results.

Price Per Treatment:

  • Pack of three facials: $90
  • Pack of six facials: $150

Co2 Fractional treatments

  • Treats mild to moderate sun damage.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps with the reduction of acne scars, surgical scars, and stretch marks.
  • Improves texture.
  • Tightens skin.
  • Reduces scarring in tattoos applied with a "heavy hand".
  • Reduces scarring from previous laser treatments that were too aggressive. 

We provide a prescription strength numbing cream, (Benzocaine-Lidocaine-Tetracaine 20%/10%/8%) to ease discomfort during the Co2 Fractional treatment.

Price per treatment:

  • Face: $600
  • Neck: $100
  • Chest: $300
  • Both hands: $150
  • Stretch Marks: Consultation required
  • Other areas: Consultation required
  • Tattoos: Consultation required

After a Co2 Fractional on an area such as the face or neck we also offer and strongly recommend adding on a Neo Genesis stem cell recovery treatment. The stem cell treatment greatly reduces downtime and pain, while enhancing results.

  • Neo Genesis stem cell Recovery treatment: $59
  • Neo Genesis stem cell Recovery treatment, plus aftercare products (Moisturizing Mist 30ml, Cleanser 30ml): $75
  • Neo Genesis stem cell royalty package ( Recovery treatment, Moisturizing Mist 30ml, Cleanser 30ml, Skin Serum 30ml): $199