Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is nothing less than amazing. What was once thought of something that lasted forever is now quite possible to remove. At New Beginnings Tattoo Removal, we treat tattoos with The Astanza Duality Q-Switched ND:Yag laser. Your results will depend on what type and color of ink were used in the tattoo, how old your tattoo is, how good your circulation is, the location of the tattoo on your body, if the tattoo is scarred, how many times the tattoo has been touched up, if the tattoo is a cover up, what your skin type is, and how deeply the tattoo was applied. This sounds like a lot to consider, and it is. That is why we offer free consultations to discuss each and every client's needs and goals. Everyone is so different, and we find that our clients like to learn about their individual treatment plan in detail. We provide a prescription strength numbing cream, (Benzocaine-Lidocaine-Tetracaine 20%/10%/8%) as well as extra pain relieving options during treatment for those who need it. We can also address tattoos that other places have had a hard time removing. 

Price Per Treatment:

  • Up to the size of a quarter: $50.00
  • Up to the size of a credit card: Starting at $100.00
  • Up to the size of a dollar bill: Starting at $175.00  

Tattoos bigger than the size of a dollar bill require a consultation for a price quote. Discounts available when removing multiple tattoos.

Laser facials

Help remove unwanted pigment, such as sun spots or melasma, while you tighten pores. This facial is painless and fast! Laser facials may also help reduce active acne and acne scares. Several treatments are needed to achieve desired results.

Price Per Treatment:

  • Pack of three facials: $90
  • Pack of six facials: $150

cosmetic teeth whitening

The Beaming White teeth whitening system is here at New Beginnings Tattoo Removal. We use 16% hydrogen peroxide along with the Futra 2400 teeth whitening light that holds the FDA approval number: 3007060769. This treatment is fast, effective, and painless, even for those with sensitive teeth.


  • 45 minute in office treatment: $99
  • 60 minute in office treatment: $149

Those with extra sensitive teeth may want to purchase an additional mineral pen to help relieve sensitivity before and after treatment.

  • Beaming White Mineral Pen: $25

Co2 Fractional treatments

  • Treats mild to moderate sun damage.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps with the reduction of acne scars, surgical scars, and stretch marks.
  • Improves texture.
  • Tightens skin.
  • Reduces scarring in tattoos applied with a "heavy hand".
  • Reduces scarring from previous laser treatments that were too aggressive.

At New Beginnings Tattoo Removal, we use The Equinox Eclipse fractional Co2 laser and we have had amazing results! We also offer a Neo Genesis stem cell recovery treatment afterward to dramatically reduce downtime. 


Price per treatment:

  • Face: $500
  • Neck: $250
  • Chest: $300
  • Stretch Marks: Consultation required
  • Other areas: Consultation required
  • Neo Genesis stem cell recovery treatment add on: $59