Team work makes the dream work!

Most of the time, laser tattoo removal is extremely effective. Once in a great while however, we get a tattoo that just doesn't want to come out. This could be because the tattoo was scarred from a previous laser treatment that was done incorrectly, or maybe it is scarred from the application of the tattoo itself. When this happens, we will have a CLS use a Co2 fractional laser on the treatment area to break apart the scar tissue therefore breaking apart the ink that was having a hard time coming out. We have had much success getting "stuck" ink out this way. We offer this treatment to our existing clients as well as if you have had previous laser treatments elsewhere. We believe tattoo removal should leave your skin looking as fresh as it did the day before you got your tattoo. Although scarring can be complicated and hard to correct, we promise to take every extra step we can to reduce it. Call us today. Let us know how we can help you!