Never Feel Bad About Asking Questions!

I had a client the other day that felt worried about getting some laser tattoo removal done. She had a lot of questions and felt bad that she was asking so many of them. Personally, I was glad at the questions she asked. This girl had been doing her homework, and she had legitimate concerns. I want to let you in on a little bit of our conversation.

Q. "Will I be left with a scar after these laser treatments?"

A. Unless the tattoo is scarred from the actual tattoo, no. The treatment with a laser should not leave a scar. Lasers these days are safe and have come along way! In a case where the laser is turned up too high, then yes, the treatment does have potential of leaving a scar. That is why it is important to go somewhere that has employees that have had proper training. At New Beginnings Tattoo Removal, we actually prefer to keep the energy down as low as possible for an effective, yet safe treatment. If a scar happens as a result of a laser treatment, it is also possible for scar tissue to be formed around the ink. Therefore, never being able to completely remove the ink no matter how many treatments are done.